Angel after Fra Angelico

Fra Angelico was born Guido di Pietro at Rupecanina in Tuscany towards the end of the 14th century and died in Rome in 1455. He was a friar in the Dominican order and trained as an illumination painter, later painting altar pieces and frescos. Fra Angelico succeeded in creating designs which reveal his preoccupation with humanity, humility and piety. The figures, in their lavish gilded robes, have the sweetness and gentleness for which his works are famous.

Angel after Fra Angelico is 31" high, ready to hang. Price: $2000 plus pack and ship.

Soleil Studio's medieval musician panels celebrate the artistry of this well-known artist and others less well known.

Soleil Studio's Vielle Player and Bagpiper, musicians of our own design, oval or rectangular.
36" panels are $1850. 18" panels are $1325. Packing/shipping additional.